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Whipple (DD15) I

The first Whipple:
  • Commissioned on 17 Feb 1903
  • Sailed with the Great White Fleet, 1906
  • Anti-submarine patrols and and convoy escort duties, 1917, 1918, WWI
  • Decommissioned 7 Jul 1919
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Truxton Class

Whipple I (DD15)

Crew, 1919

Whipple DD-15 (I)

Moored in nest with other unidentified DD's. About 1918

Kiel Canal, Germany

Whipple passing under bridge at Kiel Canal, Germany, 1927

Peacetime - 1930

DD-217 Whipple during peacetime, 1930

Black Hawk, Manila

USS Black Hawk at Manila, 15 Nov 1935, with destroyers and USS Heron alongside. Photo # 80-G-1025121, submitted by Harvey Westfall

China Station - 1930s

Drydock - 1936

"Each April the USS Augusta would make a 'speed run' from the Philippines to Shanghai with Desron Five trailing her. On 14 Apr 1936 the "Augy" made her start on the evening of that day. As usual, Desron five trailed after. It was late that evening that a collision between the Smith Thompson and the Whipple occurred. I was an RM3c on the Bulmer when this occurred. I was later, after a session at Cnacao hospital, transferred to the Whipple. The ship had jokingly been named 'Smith Whipple.'" --R.C. Wohosky (

Whipple II

  • Commissioned 23 Apr 1920
  • Served in
    • Mediterranean
    • Philippine Islands, 1921
    • Nicaraguan Campaign, 1927
    • Asiatic Station, 1929-1942
  • Convoy duties Hawaii, North/South Atlantic and Mediterranean, 1942-45
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USS Whipple DD217 - 1940 (Print)

Whipple II. Print by Ian Hall

History - WWII

Book detailing the actions of Whipple and Edsall in the Java Sea, 1942 
by Capt. W.G. Winslow

Langley - 1942

Taken from deck of Whipple. After attack by Japanese aircraft in the Indian Ocean south of Java, abandoned 27 Feb 1942. Survivors were taken aboard Edsall and Whipple and then transferred to the tanker Pecos. Edsall and Pecos were sunk 1 Mar by Japs.

Mare Island - 1942

Whipple returned from Australian waters via Pearl Harbor, arriving off the Golden Gate on Jun 18, 1942. At Mare Island, topside weight was cut down as 20-mm antiaircraft guns replaced two banks of torpedo tubes. 

WHIPPLE alongside ALDEN, Mare Island Naval Shipyard - Aug 1942

Convoy Escort

Modified for Convoy Duty, Aug 1942, at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. This remained her wartime configuration as submarine hunter and convoy escort until conversion to high-speed target vessel, July 1945.

After Mare Island, Convoy Duty

  • Whipple completed seven round-trip convoy missions to Hawaii.
  • Ordered to East Coast May 1943.
  • In Mediterranean, Apr 1, 1944, 0300, provided heavy fire to drive off 30 German planes and save the convoy.
  • One battle star.

North & South Atlantic

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
New York
Recife, Brazil
Hunter-Killer Group, Mid-Atlantic
Mediterranean attack
Bizerte, Tunisia
New London
San Diego
Pearl Harbor

Refueling at Sea

Refueling at sea from USS Guadalcanal, Escort for Hunter-Killer Task Unit, Jan-Feb 1944. In company with USS John D. Ford

Make Smoke

Tactical procedure for concealment of convoy.
Mediterranean attack by German JU88's and DO217, 0300, 1 Apr 1944. 
Whipple provided anti-aircraft cover for convoy. 
Battle star for European Medal.

Lead ship laying smoke

Captain's Inspection - WHIPPLE

CO, LCDR Vincent J. Meola inspects crew at Casablanca, Morocco, July 1943. 
Directly behind Captain is Chief Bosun Snyder, LT Leimert and Y3c Westfall.

Casablanca, Morocco - 1943

Shipmates: Ziemack, Hornquist, Westfall, Janic

Coney Island

Whipple shipmates: Tomcheck, Tracey, Westfall, Jones - 1943

Panama Canal

Whipple crew members at the Monte Carlo Club, Colon, Canal Zone, 1943. 
Left: Westfall and Janic, SK3

Ed Finigan on Whipple, 1944-1945

Ed now lives in Lynn, Massachusetts 

Tijuana, Mexico

Crew ashore in Tijuana, August, 1945. Ed Finigan, right.

Crossing the Line

Plan of the Day, 22 Jun 1944 - Shellback Initiation


Crossed the Equator bound for the South Seas. Duly initiated as a Trusty Shellback. (Service record entry) 24 Sep 1943

Ship's Party

Last Party

D-Day Museum

New Orleans, LA. Memorial Brick inscribed USS Whipple DD217 at the Museum

Yeoman First Class

New London, CT - 1946

Birthday for Whipple

18th Birthday of Destroyer USS WHIPPLE DD217, commissioned 23 Apr 1920. Postmark: Asiatic Fleet, Cavite, P.I.

Navy Day 1935

Mail Cover canceled on board Whipple 27 Oct 1935, Saigon, Indochina

DD-217 Whipple Ship's Bell

Photo of DD-217's original Ship's Bell was taken by Shipmate Roland Isabelle about 1986, while being proudly displayed at the former U.S. Naval Construction Battalion "Seabee" Base at Davisville, RI. When the "Seebee" Base was torn down in 1994, the Bell was moved to the storage facility at the U.S. Naval Historical Center, Washington, DC. Submitted by Harvey Westfall

Whipple III

USS Whipple (DE 1062)
Commissioned: 22 Aug 1970
Decommissioned: 14 Feb 1992


Naval Commendation Medal
30-year lapel button
Lieutenant Commander insignia
Chief Ship's Clerk Warrant insignia
Chief Petty Officer insignia
Enlisted Submarine Qualification insignia
Active duty, 1942-1973
Harvey Westfall, San Diego, CA

DD/FF-1062 at Pearl in 2001

I served as a RM on Whipple (III) during 1974 & '75, while commanded by R.D. Milligan. During July of 2001, while on a business layover en route to Guam, I went out to Pearl Harbor to visit the USS Missouri. During conversation with the tour guide, my past service aboard Whipple was mentioned, and the tour guide said the 1062 was still at Pearl, and had in fact been used in the movie "Pearl Harbor". - I was shocked, as I was under the impression she had gone into the lend-lease program years ago.

It turns out that at least at that time, Whipple was in fact "mothballed" there. She had been towed to the filming area, and is posed in several of the battle scenes during the movie. - So when I returned home we promptly rented the movie. It was a thrill to pick out my former home on film!

I pointed out to my wife that it wasn't the ship's first time on camera, that prior to my serving on Whipple, the ship was in an episode of "Hawaii Five-O". Of course I had to tell her about our playing the TV show's theme song during unrep's, etc.

Anyway, after the tour I drove around to the north side of the harbor, and sure enough there she was, still looking dignified in the company of other former warriors. The Engineering Excellence "E" first painted on the mac while I was on board, was still visible along with a hashmark for a subsequent award. I really enjoyed seeing her in person, even though I couldn't get aboard. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that unlike many of her Knox class sister ships, she was still around. That's been almost two years ago, and I have no idea whether 1062 still survives......I hope so.

--Paul Walker (, Springfield, Oregon, USS WHIPPLE, 1974-75